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Weather Recap: November 2023

November 2023 was a fairly comfortable month. The highest temperature of the month was 91 degrees and occurred on Sunday, November 5th. The coolest temperature was 48 degrees and was recorded on the morning of November 29th. Two days had temperatures equal to the average and there was an equal number of days with both

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Insider Blog: Low pressure systems

The atmosphere wants to be in equilibrium and will do everything it can to equalize. To accomplish this, air will always flow from high pressure to low pressure. Air flows clockwise around high pressure systems and counterclockwise around low pressure systems. Credit: NOAA Air flows into low pressure centers. As the air rises, the water

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Insider Blog: The fabulous science of rainbows

Rainbows are just one of a wide variety of optical effects caused by the interactions between sunlight and various atmospheric conditions. Sunlight is actually a mix of every wavelength, or color, of the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Credit: As sunlight enters a raindrop, it slows down since water is more dense

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Weather Recap: October 2023

October 2023 was a fairly comfortable month here in the Coachella Valley. Of the 31 days in the month, 16 came in as above average. 14 days were below average and one day’s high temperature was the same as the seasonal average. 11 of the above-average days saw a high temperature in the triple digits.

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