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Procession honors valley healthcare workers and first responders

A procession made up of our local police and firefighters made its way through parts of Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage to show thanks to local first responders and health care workers.

Police, fire, and ambulance lights and sirens filled the desert's streets as residents lined up on the sidewalk celebrating the hard work by those on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

The event was organized by the Coachella Valley Sexual Assault Services in cooperation with the Palm Desert Sheriff's station.

"Absolutely great and thrilling," said Jeannine Lurie, who attended. "We clapped and cheered and they were just really happy to see us. We're just so proud of them!"

"They're out there while we're all in quarantine at home," said Jodi Roth, a coordinator at Coachella Valley Sexual Assault Services. "I really believe that the community needed to come out and honor them and appreciate them and tell them how much we really appreciate how hard they work to keep our community safe."

The procession passed by healthcare workers at Eisenhower Health, which for the first time ever, was lit in blue.

"It was certainly very heartwarming for us to see that kind of outpouring of affection for us," said Dr. Alan Williamson, chief medical officer at Eisenhower Health.

"Just to really say thank you to first responders and to see everyone come together was a really beautiful sight​," said Lee Rice with Eisenhower Health.

For the non-healthcare workers who attended, social distancing measures were in place. Most people watched from inside their cars.

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