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Local businesses get more visitors from The American Express tournament

The American Express golf tournament in La Quinta is on its final day. Last year's tournament took place without fans in the stands, so many businesses took advantage of their return as staffing and supply shortages continue.

"Just for bringing the tournament here, we've had a good amount of people, good amount of players," said Main Street Coffee barista Tyler Williams. “We want it to be like this every day.”

He said he already expects the total sales from this week to be much higher than usual. But he also said they have dealt with staffing shortages related to COVID and supply issues on ingredients have forced them to change certain menu items.

“I think people are understanding we do get a lot of people who you know may not like certain things but it's business things so you know, but we get through it everyone's cool," said Williams.

RD RNNR Libations Pints & Plates in La Quinta also has had its fair share of supply issues to manage.

“When we have to order certain things, maybe we have to order from multiple companies to make sure you know, whereas, in the past, we were able to order from one company," said manager Summer Hawking. "Just makes it a little bit harder behind the scenes, but we make it happen.”

Hawking said it ultimately didn’t get in the way of a busy week with tournament visitors. She said they usually serve up to 250 customers during lunch, but this past weekend, they served about 350 customers during their lunch hours.

“We were very lucky enough to have a nice flow of business once the concert got out," said Hawking. “Whenever there's an event, we are excited for it. We're ready for it because we just know that means that we're gonna have more people walk through our doors, and more people know about us.”

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