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Meet the Candidates in newly drawn 41st U.S. Congressional District

The June 7th primary election is less than two weeks away and voting is already voting by mail is already underway in Riverside County.

News Channel 3 is taking an in-depth look at the candidates in the newly drawn 41st Congressional District.

Redistricting split the Coachella Valley into two newly drawn districts.

District 41's new boundaries include Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells and La Quinta, as well as parts of Western Riverside County.

District 41

Click here for more on the candidates running for U.S. Congressional District 25, which includes areas from Beaumont to the eastern Coachella Valley, all of Imperial County and parts of San Bernardino County.

Incumbent in District 41 Republican Ken Calvert has represented portions of Riverside County for decades. But for the first time, he'll be running to represent parts of the Coachella Valley too.

National security prosecutor and Democrat Will Rollins is one of hte challengers. He helped to prosecute some of the people who attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

"A few hours after that attack, Ken Calvert voted to overturn the election," Rollins said. "That was just hours after 140 police officers were injured, some later died as a result of that attack."

Engineer and sustainability scientist and Democrat Shrina Kurani said she's trained to look at problems and find solutions.

"We're here listening to voters, we're talking to voters, we're picking up a ton of momentum, and we are ready to get Ken Calvert out," Kurani said.

Registered nurse and independent Anna Nevenic said education reform is important to her.

"That's the reason I'm really running, because I see millions of lives being destroyed, because of the wrong policies," Nevenic said. "Children should be our number one priority."

After multiple attempts, Republican candidate John Michael Lucio could not be interviewed for this story.

We asked the candidates about big issues, including taxes:

Calvert: I think lower taxes are better than higher taxes.

Rollins: "I think working families deserve a tax break... And it's because we've had people like Ken Calvert for 30 years, supporting the tiniest sliver of the wealthiest population in the United States."

Kurani: "We must commit to keeping taxes low for working families and small businesses. Right now, the cost of living is rising with inflation; soaring gas prices are eating at our paychecks."

Nevenic: "Taxes should be made based on the amount you make."

On guns:

Calvert: "Well, I'm a I'm a supporter of the Second Amendment have been my entire career."

Rollins: "My opponent Ken Calvert has voted against basic violent criminal history checks."

Kurani: "We have to require background checks and close the loopholes. common sense legislation is not taking guns away from law abiding citizens. It's just making sure that they don't fall into the wrong hands."

And on abortion:

Calvert: "I'm known as a pro life person. But but those decisions that have been made by the court, should be done on the proper way. And the court should not have to be fearful of protesters in the front of their homes."

Rollins: "I stand with women. This is about equality, freedom and privacy. It's about equality, because women deserve the exact same reproductive freedom as men."

Kurani: "Women's rights are under attack in this country. We need more women elected in office to actually help stand up for our rights."

Nevenic: I am the bill fighting for human rights to choose for the four years Since I am here, that is very important, that should never change. 

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