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Recall Election: Riverside County votes to oust Gov. Newsom in close election

Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0

The results for the recall election in Riverside County have been certified.

Governor Gavin Newsom won the election across the state in a landslide, but in Riverside County, he lost in a close election.

The Registrar's office released the final results for the county on Thursday.

Times CastTotal Votes
720,600 / 1,293,611
Total Votes718,588

Riverside County was the lone Southern California county to vote Yes on the recall questions, however, there were numerous smaller counties around the state that votes "Yes." A map of the statewide results shows that nearly all the coastal counties voted "No" on the recall.

Map of recall election results by county

As for the candidates list, Republican Larry Elder won a big majority of the votes, much like in every other county. Elder was the top vote getter across the state, beating the nearest vote getter by more than three million votes.

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