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DSUSD board approves plans to start the school year with distance learning


The race to finalize back to school plans. Desert Sands Unified School District officials have approved a motion to start the school year with distance learning.

“I just think they need to think it through completely," said Kathleen Boylan, a DSUSD parent. "The distance learning option like I said that we experienced wasn’t great. They keep trying to assure us its going to be different but we are not confident it is and they need to take all kids into consideration."

The district surveying families staff and community members prior.Those results showing staff and community members favoring distancing learning while parents and students preferring a hybrid model.

"Not really it shows that parents and kids do want to be back in school," said Boylan.

The virtual meeting sparking up dozens of public comments stressing caution as there’s been a recent spike in COVID-19 cases.

“Can you assure that all staff, administration, faculty and students be tested prior to school opening? And how we re-test often enough to prevent spread? If a student tests positive or staff tests positive will the school close?," said during public comment.

The school board not taking the discussion lightly as they weigh the options.

“This  is very difficult situation that we have been put in unfortunately  and its going to require alot of thought and energy to do the right thing as we move forward," said Scott Bailey, DSUSD Superintendent.

Classes are set to resume on August 19th with a complete distance learning approach that offers small group instruction and support. With a plan to transition into a hybrid model as long as health guidelines permit.

“We believe in using those models we will be able to decrease the number of students on campus therefore helping us with alot of the concerns," said Kelly May-Vollmar, ED.D Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services.

DSUSD’s board hasn’t decided yet on when schools will transition over to the hybrid model as that is still up for debate. They continue follow public health guidelines.

For full board meeting. Click Here.

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