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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
December 19, 2019

You’ve reached the Privacy Policy for / Gulf-California Broadcast Company, a subsidiary of News-Press & Gazette Company or NPG. This policy governs privacy practices of our website and digital services. You may also view our Terms of Service.

  OVERVIEW OF OUR PRIVACY POLICY This privacy policy outlines how we collect, use, share and protect your personal information.
  Privacy Values   Data Collection and Sharing   Privacy Control
  ● We respect you and your data. ● We will not collect or share your data without your permission - period. ● See our Privacy Values listed below.   ● We collect data you give us (name, email, home address, etc.) and data from your device (computer “IP” address, hardware, etc.). ● We won’t share your data without permission and will only share it with companies that comply with our privacy policy. • If you have questions or inquiries regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at


01 Privacy is a fundamental right. Data represents people who deserve privacy, respect, autonomy, and fairness.

02 Personal data should be protected to the highest standards of privacy and security.

03 Individuals should have control over personal data that is viewed, collected, shared or used.

04 Individuals can easily and persistently see and control their data that is viewed, collected, shared or used..

05 Personal data viewed, shared or used should be limited.

06 Individuals should derive some value and benefit from providing access and use of their data.

07 Individuals can easily access, understand and use data controls in multiple languages and audio or video formats.

08 Individuals can access, delete, move, and correct their data held by any entity.


Our privacy policy is organized into the following sections:

1.        Definitions

2.          How to Control Your Data

3.          Data We Collect and Why

4.         Data We Share and Why

5.         Keeping Your Data Safe

6.         Know Your Rights

1.0. DEFINITIONS The definitions below may help you understand some of the words and phrases in this privacy policy.
  Cookies ● Small text files that send a message from a web browser to a web server. ● Used to identify you, store your login or send you personalized content or ads.   Geolocation information ● Where something is located in the world, usually via an internet device. ● Data can be derived through GPS, cell networks or your IP address and gives us an idea of where your device is located to target content or ads (with your permission) and to combat fraud.
  Aggregate metadata ● This is data about other data. For example, metadata for a photo might be when it was taken or file size. ● Aggregate means compiling different types of data into a group. ● Aggregate metadata about a you may be used to display relevant content or ads.
2.1. Privacy Controls             For further questions or inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy, please email us at
3.0. DATA WE COLLECT AND WHY There are two basic ways we get data about you:
Directly from you Indirectly from you
● Personal data you share (e.g., email or address) when you voluntarily sign up for a newsletter, subscription or other service. ● If you give us permission, we use this information to personalize your content and advertising, send you offers or fulfill a service. ● Data we collect from your device (e.g. type of device or IP address). ● This data helps us display content correctly on all your devices and protects you from malware and fraudulent advertising.
3.1. Account Data ● To access our content or services, you may need to register and provide personal data to set up an account (e.g., name, email). ● You can update, change or cancel your account at any time. ● If you register as “anonymous” you only need to provide your zip code however, you may not be able to access some of our content. 3.2. Your Email Address   ● We will only use your email address to communicate about services you’ve requested (e.g., newsletters or promotions) or information about your account.
3.3. Your Location ● We collect data about your location (e.g., zip code) when you visit our site to deliver you relevant local news content. ● We don’t collect precise geolocation data (your location at any given time). 3.4. Children ● We don’t knowingly collect or solicit information from anyone under the age of 18 or allow them to register for an account.
3.5. Cookies ● Cookies are small text files placed on your browser that may identify you, store login data, record your IP address, or track your online activities. ● If you share your data (e.g., register), we place a cookie on your browser that identifies you and logs you in each time you visit our site.     ● Some cookies essential for services to work (e.g., payments) can’t be blocked. ● We don’t use cookies for advertising without permission. ● Some services may be delivered by 3rd party vendors who may have separate cookie policies.
  4.1. Payment Information ● We don’t process consumer payments and instead rely on trusted third-party payment providers that meet our high standards. ● We accept payment information through online forms or the phone but don’t share data with entities other than payment providers that handle and store your credit card details. ● Payment providers we use are completely independent and have different privacy policies. ● Our consumer payment providers are:   4.2. Third Parties ● Third parties is another term for “companies we do business with.” ● We don’t sell, lease, or share your data without your permission. CCPA Privacy Rights Request ● With your permission, we might share data with companies that help us understand how you use our website, send you email, provide customer support, process payments, or target advertising. ● We only work with companies we trust and they are required by contract to keep your data confidential and secure and adhere to our privacy policy. ● Here is a list of companies we currently work with: Google                  WordPress               Blueconic SquareOffs           Second Street    
  4.3. Law Enforcement Authorities ● Occasionally law enforcement agencies request data from us. ● We only provide data when required by law.   4.4. Subscriptions • If you subscribe to access our content, we’ll collect some personal data from you such as your name, email or address. ● Your data will not be shared with other entities (e.g., advertisers) unless you give us permission.
  4.5. Advertisers ● Advertising can help you learn about products and services and also helps us fund journalism.     ● We may allow advertisers to access your anonymous data so ads are more relevant for you. They may track sites you visit, pages you view or ad you clicked on using tools like cookies, JavaScript, location data, etc.
5.1. Encryption 5.2. Data Retention 5.2.1. Minor Exceptions to Data Retention
  ● Data about you is encrypted (stored in a way to prevent access by unauthorized users) and is stored in several data centers in different jurisdictions. ● We use end-to-end encryption for communication which means all data is encrypted with a digital file (a “key”) that only you and the recipient know. ● There is no way for us or anybody else to access this information without direct access to your device.   ● Data you provide (e.g., name, email, address) will only be stored for as long as necessary to fulfill services, such as account log in or ad delivery. If you become a member or subscribe, we may hold data about you, with your permission, for a longer period of time to better deliver relevant content, up to 13 months unless you agree to a longer time period.   ● In some cases, after you unsubscribe from an email newsletter or subscription, we may retain your data for a commercially reasonable time for backup, archival, or audit purposes. ● Information you choose to make public may not be removable, such as comments.
  (1) Get a copy of your data   (2) Delete or amend   (3) Restrict or object   (4) Correct   (5) Lodge a complaint
  in a machine-readable format so you can move, copy or store it with another entity   your personal data*   * There are exceptions to this under the  
    California Consumer Privacy Act
  to the automated processing of your data or to have a person make decisions that have legal effect any inaccurate or incomplete data we have about you with NPG by sending an email to


7.0. Changes to This Policy 8.0. Complaints and Questions 9.0. Regulations
  ● We will not make changes to this policy without letting you know or make changes that clearly violate our core privacy values. ● If we need to make changes that impact your data or the delivery of our services, we’ll let you know in advance so you can review the changes, adjust your privacy settings or delete your account.   ● Got an issue? Let us know and we’ll fix it if we can. ● You have a right to complain or ask questions related to this privacy policy and how we use your personal information. ● Email us at {} ● You can also file a complaint with the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a government agency that broadly oversees fraud and deception in the marketplace. ● Visit the FTC’s Consumer Complaint Center   ● Links to the laws that inspired this policy. ● EU General Data Protection RegulationCalifornia Consumer Privacy Act
CCPA Privacy Rights Request


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