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Weather Recap: June 2024

June 2024 was certainly a hot one! High temperatures ranged from 96° to 116°. Only 3 days had highs below average and only a single day had a temperature equal to the average. No records were broken this month, but we still had plenty of heat to go around. 26 days saw temperatures above average

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Weather Insider: HCFCs and Ozone

CFCs and HCFCs are a class of industrial chemicals used in many different processes. They’re especially good as coolants in things like refrigerators and air conditioners. While they have great uses for industrial purposes, when they get into the atmosphere, they can wreak havoc on the Ozone Layer and are an extremely potent greenhouse gas.

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Weather Insider: An End to El Niño

As of June 13, 2024, El Niño conditions are over and we are now in the neutral phase of the ENSO cycle. The neutral phase represents when ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean are less than 0.5°C warmer or cooler than average. The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting the arrival of La Niña conditions

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Weather Recap: May 2024

The month of May in the Coachella Valley is one of those months when we really start to see a sharp increase in our temperatures. The average high for May 1st is 90°F and the average high for May 31st is 99°F. Most days saw a high temperature greater than the average for the day,

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