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Month: July 2024

‘Don’t ignore severe weather push alerts during monsoon season,” says meteorologists at the National Weather Service


It can be easy to dismiss, or even ignore those push alerts that get sent to your phone during severe weather, but you shouldn’t, at least according to weather experts. Meteorologists with the National Weather Service San Diego office are constantly monitoring storms in Southern California, including here in the desert. Sam Zuber is one

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Los adolescentes sienten menos apoyo emocional del que sus padres creen que reciben, según un nuevo informe

Julia Hernández (CNN) — Mientras persiste una crisis de salud mental juvenil en EE.UU., un nuevo informe pone de manifiesto una importante brecha entre el nivel de apoyo que sienten los adolescentes y el que los padres creen que tienen sus hijos. Según un informe publicado este martes por el Centro Nacional de Estadísticas Sanitarias,

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Violent clashes over quota system in government jobs leave scores injured in Bangladesh

Associated Press DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) — Police fired tear gas and charged with batons during violent clashes between a pro-government student body and student protesters overnight, leaving dozens injured at a public university outside Bangladesh’s capital, police and students said Tuesday. The violence spread early Tuesday at Jahangir Nagar University in Savar, outside Dhaka, where

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Far-right groups that block aid to Gaza receive tax-deductible donations from US and Israel

JERUSALEM (AP) — Under American pressure, Israel has pledged to deliver large quantities of humanitarian aid into the war-ravaged Gaza Strip. But at the same time, the U.S. and Israel have allowed tax-deductible donations to far-right groups that have blocked that aid from being delivered. Three groups that have prevented humanitarian aid from reaching Gaza

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What to watch as the Republican National Convention enters its second day in Milwaukee

Associated Press MILWAUKEE (AP) — The Republican National Convention heads into its second day Tuesday in Milwaukee — now with Donald Trump officially as its presidential nominee. Trump energized the crowd Monday night by entering the arena with a bandage on his right ear after being injured during an assassination attempt Saturday. Expect more speakers

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Republican convention to focus on immigration a day after a bandaged Trump makes triumphant entrance

Associated Press MILWAUKEE (AP) — Two days after surviving an attempted assassination, former President Donald Trump appeared triumphantly at the Republican National Convention’s opening night with a bandage over his right ear, the latest compelling scene in a presidential campaign already defined by dramatic turns. GOP delegates cheered wildly when Trump appeared onscreen backstage and

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