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Spencer Blum

Spencer Blum joined KESQ News Channel 3 in 2023 as a member of the First Alert Weather Team.

Weather Recap: June 2024

June 2024 was certainly a hot one! High temperatures ranged from 96° to 116°. Only 3 days had highs below average and only a single day had a temperature equal to the average. No records were broken this month, but we still had plenty of heat to go around. 26 days saw temperatures above average

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Weather Insider: HCFCs and Ozone

CFCs and HCFCs are a class of industrial chemicals used in many different processes. They’re especially good as coolants in things like refrigerators and air conditioners. While they have great uses for industrial purposes, when they get into the atmosphere, they can wreak havoc on the Ozone Layer and are an extremely potent greenhouse gas.

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A hot Independence Day in the desert

A First Alert Weather Alert has been issued by the First Alert Weather team as potentially record-breaking temperatures impact the Coachella Valley on Friday and Saturday. High temperatures today are so far slightly cooler than initially expected, however, that is because more moisture moved in than expected. Since water can hold onto heat more, high

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Beating the heat on Independence Day

With Excessive Heat Warnings in place for much of California, including right here at home, people are looking for ways to beat the heat this 4th of July. This week and weekend will see potentially record-breaking temperatures in excess of 120 degrees. There are many ways to stay safe in these dangerous temperatures. Some of

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A brutally hot week awaits us

An Excessive Heat Warning took effect earlier today. It has since been extended and boosted by the weather service. The advisory will remain in place through Monday morning with the potential for highs to reach 120°! This puts us on record watch for most of the upcoming week. There is a decent likelihood of this

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