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Spencer Blum

Spencer Blum joined KESQ News Channel 3 in 2023 as a member of the First Alert Weather Team.

Weather Insider: An update on Hilary

It has been just over six months since Tropical Storm Hilary impacted parts of Mexico and the United States. While the storm certainly brought tropical storm conditions to Southern California, the National Hurricane Center found that the storm lost its tropical characteristics over Baja California. This means that a tropical storm technically did not make

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Weather Insider: AMOC tipping point

The AMOC, or Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, is a critical part of the global ocean circulation. It helps transport heat and minerals across the Atlantic. The circulation is driven by differences in salinity (salt content) in the water. However, as more ice melts across the planet, especially in the Arctic, fresh water is released. This

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First Alert Weather Alert: Mountain rain and snow with showers in the Coachella Valley

Rain has impacted parts of Southern California since the weekend with significant flooding from the Central Coast to the L.A. Basin. Showers still have the chance to push through the Valley today, with heavier rain in the Riverside and San Bernardino County mountains today and overnight as low pressure slides through. A First Alert Weather

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Weather Insider: Astrophotography

When you take a picture, what you’re essentially doing is briefly exposing the camera’s sensor to light. The various settings on the camera control how much light hits the sensor. The three main settings are ISO, aperture, and shutter speed and determine the sensor’s sensitivity to light, the amount of light let into the sensor,

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