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What to wear to a winter wedding

Dressing for winter weddings can be tricky because you want to get the balance right between warmth and style. Check out these ideas for what to wear to your next winter wedding.

1. Invest in a fur or chic coat. Try a chic coat, fur wrap, or a shawl to drape over your shoulders. You can keep the elegance of your dress and not add bulkiness to your look by going this route.

2. Wear appropriate footwear. As much as we all love open-toed shoes, they aren't the best choice for a winter wedding. Keep your toes enclosed and maybe even invest in some tights to keep your feet extra warm in the chilly temperatures.

3. Go for a gown. If the wedding is black-tie or formal, wear a long gown that will keep your legs covered all night. Not only will you look elegant, you'll stay warm throughout the entire reception.

4. Switch it up with suit separates. Generally, we only think about men suiting up for weddings, but who says women can't rock a suit? Find women's suit separates, which will be much warmer than a dress, and add some femininity with a statement necklace or chandelier earrings.



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