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Clear Space To Prevent Fires From Your Home

Firefighters all over the Southland are now requiring residents, especially those living in wildland areas, to clear brush and debris that is within 100 feet of their home.

In fact, it is a state law for residents to protect their homes by clearing 100 feet of defensible space that surrounds a home.

Two zones make up the 100 feet of space.

An area of 30 feet immediately surrounding your home. Anything stacked around your home needs to be removed. The next 70 feet, or up to the property line, should also be cleared

Even if you live in the city, keep your property clean:

If you stack firewood, move it 30 feet from your home. If you have them,rain gutters must be keptclear. Also,keep your trees trimmed.

One homeowner who moved into the Anza area got busy with his own home when he found out about the requirements.

First, he removed all flammable vegetation within 30 feet of his home.

For another 70 feet, he created a “reduced fuel zone” –bushes and other vegetation are sporadic with plenty of spacing. Woodpiles and a propane tank are also at a safe distance. Also, no grass or weeds or overgrowth are within that 70 feet.

KESQ News Team


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