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Missing LA man’s wife speaks out, crews continue search

“If he was of sound mind there is no way we wouldn’t have heard from him at this time, Diane Meza, wife of missing Omar Meza, said.

Diane and her husband, 33 year old Omar Meza, text all the time.

“We’re at a loss this is unlike my husband,” she said. The story that doesn’t add up started Thursday morning.

“He came out here for a conference with coworkers. Came on Thursday and went missing Thursday night,” she said.

Coworkers last saw him leave that dinner in an Uber car service.

“We spoke on the phone he was going to be heading to his hotel room,” she said.

That’s not where he was last seen, though.

“We have video of him coming into the JW the lobby, then it’s patchy on where he exited and left in the direction of a parking lot,” Diane said.

Never seen nor heard from again. Police found Meza’s jacket and wallet on the JW’s golf course but suspect no foul play. Family members tell us search and rescue teams used bloodhounds to try and track him and divers searched the JW property.

“They made us feel very confident he isn’t on the grounds here at JW,” she added.

As days painfully inch by, Diane is racking her brain for possibilities. Meza, who works in the financial division of AIG insurance company, comes to the desert every other month for work, so Diane says he knows the area extremely well.

“In March of 2013, we were in a car accident quite some time ago he did suffer memory loss and long term damage. That’s my theory and what i’m holding onto that he suffered trauma and doesn’t know who he is,” she said with hope.

Meanwhile, with large volunteer crews helping police look for Meza…

They’re expanding their search to more cities and the border, he could be anywhere

“We are hoping anyone who sees and recognized him will call the police department,” she said through tears.

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