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LGBTQ community launches hotline providing coronavirus relief

A valley LGBTQ organization has launched a coronavirus hotline to help provide services to  people during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I had them deliver my groceries for me because I live alone and I don’t have a car," said Carol Jefferson.

Cathedral City resident Carol Jefferson said she saw the hotline on Facebook and called immediately for help since she falls under the high risk category for severe illness from coronavirus.

“It was very comforting because at this time, we are apprehensive," said Jefferson. "We’re afraid, and we are trying to just stay safe."

After launching the hotline last Sunday, organizers told News Channel 3 they have helped 12 residents with services such as delivering groceries, connecting people to programs for financial assistance and comforting people during this time of uncertainty. 

“We are made up of a group of sponsors that represent the women’s organization in the LGBTQ community but we will certainly service anyone," said Gail Christian.

Organizer Gail Christian said volunteers are available daily and hope  to reach vulnerable communities.

“Services for hearing an impaired women and they should email us because we sometimes forget that the hearing impaired community is very important," said Christian.

Christian said their ultimate goal in mind for the coronavirus hotline. 

“We don’t quite know what a caller is going to need, we are really fluid and open and want to problem solve and figure whatever it is that you need," said Christian. "We’re the group that is going to help you get there."

Carol Jefferson has a message for the group after they provided her a helping hand multiple times with daily tasks and consoling her while being sheltered in place.

“It’s really an awesome service that they are giving to us, we appreciate it and we need more organizations like this," said Jefferson.

The hotline is available daily from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The number to call is 760-416-3545.

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