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More valley mosquitos test positive for West Nile Virus

west nile virus

More mosquito traps have tested positive for the West Nile virus in our valley.

“Yes, lots of them hordes of them...swarms," said Diane Mann.

West Nile virus mosquitos are now found in Cathedral City, La Quinta, Indio and Palm Desert. 

One resident showing us of his recent bites. 

“I get mosquito bites all the time for the last two weeks actually," said Efrain Garcia.

According  the Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District, 15 mosquito traps valley wide have been tested positive for the West Nile virus including 38 infected mosquitos found in Cathedral City on Friday. 

“As temperatures rise up so will the mosquito numbers and as birds migrate, which is mosquitos favorite food, they carry WNV and St. louis encephalitis virus (slev)," said Tammy Gordon.

Public Information Officer, Tammy Gordon said there’s a higher risk for people to be infected as our valley heats up and more mosquitos populate.

“A big concern we have are lawn drains they are designed to take away water away from their home and put into the gutter," said Gordon. "Unfortunately alot of them sink and that creates a mosquitos breeding source its important that homeowners check around their homes for sources such as that.” 

Signs have been posted throughout the valley warning people about virus infected mosquitos and reminding people to limit their outdoor activity between dawn and dusk before you head out that door don't forget to use some bug spray. 

Gordon said many will not experience any illness if they are bite but some may have flu-like symptoms and with the coronavirus being similar, she advises. 

“Mosquito borne viruses you have to have a blood test to actually verify those," said Gordon.

Another mosquito also discovered here.  

“we’ve got an invasive aedes aegypti mosquito and her favorite place to bite you is the back of your elbow and your ankles, " said Gordon. "She’s nicknamed the ankle bitter cause she’s very sneaky and very painful bites thats something we need to be aware of too.” 

There have been no cases of West Nile virus in humans for the state of California. 

If you noticed these kind of abandoned areas with standing water, you can call the Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District.

More information on the location of these mosquitoes can be found HERE.

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