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Thomas Jefferson Middle School students honored for their hard work in socially distant ceremony

Some hardworking students at Indio's Thomas Jefferson Middle School were honored Thursday for their successes and accomplishments during this pandemic school year.

250 students were awarded certificates and prizes in a drive-through ceremony after school.

Each have achieved either Honor Roll, Student of the Month, Citizen of the Month, or were winners of their science fair competitions.

Students received a certificate along with prizes and gifts donated by Wal Mart and the Palm Springs Assistance League.

One student, Anthony Martinez, is the lead anchor of the school's Jaguar TV show, and said he has a special connection to KESQ News Channel 3. Martinez said he watches Jeff Stahl every morning.

"I want to become an anchor," Martinez said. "It's been a passion of mine since I was 5 or 6, and it's just fun to be in front of the camera and talk to the people who are watching."

The Principal of Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Margo McCormick, says she's enormously proud of her students.

Martinez asked a question via video to Jeff Stahl saying, "How does it feel being in front of the camera every day in the morning? And how have you gotten used to it over the years? And what tips can you give people?"

Watch Jeff Stahl answer Anthony's question in the video above.

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