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Domestic abuse reports rise around the holidays, local resources are available

The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone. Local non-profits say they unfortunately see an increase in domestic abuse every year this week. 

“What we know about the holidays right it’s a stressful time for a lot of people,” said Katie Gilbertson, Executive Director, SAFE Family Justice Centers.  

“In terms of domestic abuse it consistently busier around the holidays?” asked News Channel 3’s Madison Weil. 

“Yes I think so...and following the holidays as well,” said Gilbertson. 

Gilbertson says the holidays create heightened stress -- especially for intimate partners. 

“We’re trying to paint a picture of how good things are...if there are children in our home we’re trying to give them an experience,” she said. 

Another contributing factor? Alcohol at holiday events. 

“We have a lot of families where maybe an individual has been out all day drinking they come home and we now find ourselves in a domestic violence intimate partner situation,” she said.  

She says they’ve already had a busy week helping clients in abusive situations here in the valley. 

“Anytime the holidays come up we go into triage mode,” she said. 

She says if things are not safe at home...she recommends having a plan in place.

“Keep your phone charged. Keep your friends and family members on the line if you’re worried about something,” she said. 

Gilbertson added that reporting these cases is important: if you hear a domestic dispute going on in your neighborhood don’t hesitate to call authorities. 



Emergency Crisis Domestic Violence Hotline Numbers: 

(760) 328-SAFE (7233)           

Toll-Free (800) 775-6055

Visit their website:


24-hour hotline: (760) 568-9071

Visit their website: 


Location: County Law Building, 82-995 Highway 111, Suite 103, Indio, CA 92201

Phone: (760) 863-8363

Visit their website:

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Follow them on Instagram: @SAFEFJC_RIVCO

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