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Local leaders seek unity following Biden’s Inauguration Day address


Issuing a call for unity, Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States Wednesday, telling a nation battered by a pandemic and the recent storming of the U.S. Capitol: “We must end this uncivil war."

News Channel 3's Dani Romero shows us how local leaders are hoping to set the example of working together. 

“With unity we can do great things, important things," said president Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden’s mission is calling on us to overcome our differences. 

“My whole soul is in this bringing America together uniting our people, uniting our nation and I ask every American to join this cause," said Biden.

The message was also heard here in California.

Chad Mayes, Independent Assemblymember asked in a tweet “Why are we always taking sides?  Let’s make our side the American side” 

"For this president and vice president coming in those stakes couldn't be higher given the divisiveness of this election," said Eduardo Garcia, Assemblymember for District 56.

Eduardo Garcia, Democrat Assemblymemeber, told News Channel 3, its critical for local leaders to set the example. 

“Whether you're a city council member who runs for office or the person running for the presidency of United States after the election is done, there's work to be done," said Garcia. "Now more than ever, we need people working together.” 

Palm Desert’s Mayor Pro Tem, Jan Harnik, agrees with the call for unity.  

“When we work together, we get the best result," said Harnik. "Everybody benefits, it's community, supporting community.” 

Harnik believes elected leaders can find unity. 

“When we volunteer in our community, that's what we see," said Harnik. "We can, if our community members want to get on committees and commissions in our cities, those sorts of things help bring us together, help promote that understanding.” 

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