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Student-Athlete of the Week – The Goad Brothers

Isaiah and Elijah Goad are a staple in Palm Springs High School athletics.

“I’m Isaiah… and I’m Elijah… and we’re the Goad brothers. Name that Goad,” said the Goad brothers.

“I mean the good thing about having one is I have two, so that’s, I mean, that’s two-fifths of your starting lineup,” said Chris Howard, Palm Springs' basketball coach.

Two is better than one. Isaiah and Elijah Goad prove that on the football field and the basketball court.

“Well, they always seem to know where each other are. The parents told me that before they came here… ‘They’ve got that twin thing! They’ve got that twin thing!’ And I will say, that twin thing is a real thing and it’s helped out. That’s why we’ve been so successful," Howard said.

“It’s just the bond we have together, you know, everything we do is together,” Isaiah said.

Even though they look exactly alike, the Goad brothers have two completely different personalities. 

“Elijah is very calm, cool, collected… not very emotional or passionate. Meanwhile, Isaiah, I mean, me and him, we battle, we get in arguments, but on the same hand, when we win, it’s me and him getting pumped up, where as Elijah is very even keeled,” Howard said.

Both brothers plan to play sports at the next level. Isaiah’s focus is on football and becoming a sports agent, and Elijah’s is on basketball and majoring in communications. While they might not be on the same team again after this year, they’ll be teammates for life. 

“We’ve always been together and we always will be together,” Elijah said.

“It’s just a lifelong dream, just like, always playing with my brother, you know, just always him being there, us being in each other’s corners, it’s just a great experience and I hope to do it for the rest of my life,” Isaiah said.

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