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Student Athlete of the Week – Dawson Janeski

This week we highlight Dawson Janeski. The engine of the Xavier Prep boys tennis team. Dawson came into high school knowing he wanted to compete on court.

"I started in eighth grade actually. Right before high school and then have been playing ever since," said Janeski. "Me and my mom went to the BNP a lot when we moved here and that’s why I got hooked on tennis and wanted to start playing."

Dawson picked up tennis fairly quick and knew once he was ripping forehand winners that this was the sport for him. But on this saints team he was needed in a bigger role, Captain.

"He’s been amazing captain," said Saints head coach Rhenn Ramirez. "He’s been helping out the boys as much as he can. Always the first on last on. I know he loves tennis and has a passion for it."

"Starting my junior year, that’s when I took over as captain and ever since I felt like I have been in a leadership role," said Janeski.

"He’s worked hard inside the classroom. He works out here. He is motivating the guys to work harder and be that leader that we need," said Ramirez.

Dawson has also benefited from Mark Woodforde. A 12-time doubles grand slam champion that comes to Saints practice to share his tennis insight. Dawson has used the knowledge to his advantage.

"The way he carries himself and always positive for the team," said Ramirez. "When someone is down he is always there and firing them up, and that’s what we need. It’s going to be very hard to replace him next year."

Dawson says he will miss the all the memories at Xavier Prep, but he also is ready for his next chapter on the court.

"I’m gonna be going off to college and I’ll be playing tennis at Saddleback College. I’m excited I want to try and make it to the next level," said Janeski. "Its always been my dream to play tennis in college."

How about that, Dawson taking his tennis talents to the next level at Saddleback College. I have a feeling Dawson and tennis won’t be separated anytime soon.

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Bailey Arredondo

Bailey Arredondo is a Sports Anchor/Reporter for KESQ News Channel 3. He joined the Desert’s News Leader in January 2022 here.


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