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I-Team: Sex Scandal update as CVWD hires outside investigator

The Coachella Valley Water District has confirmed they've hired an outside investigator to look at allegations that a longtime employee was forced into an affair by his supervisor and his supervisor's wife, a human resources specialist at the CVWD.

Alfonso Cruz filed a lawsuit earlier this month accusing the couple of harassment and threats during a two year affair he claims was instigated by his supervisor.

Katie Evans, CVWD Director of Communications and Conservation confirmed Pasadena based attorney Susan Woolley was hired to investigate what may have happened at the utility company.

"While we don't have a timeline, we are working diligently on this," said Evans.  "CVWD took immediate action.  An investigation is underway.  We are giving this our utmost attention and we are committed to doing so until the issue is fully resolved."

Brooke Beare


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