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“Good Morning America” anchor Michael Strahan sat beside his 19-year-old daughter

Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella’s medulloblastoma diagnosis highlights rare type of cancer

CNN By Jacqueline Howard, CNN (CNN) — The diagnosis took Michael Strahan by surprise. On Thursday morning, the “Good Morning America” anchor revealed that he had “no idea” that 19-year-old daughter Isabella’s headaches would result in a diagnosis of brain cancer. In an interview with anchor Robin Roberts, the father-daughter duo shared that Isabella was

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Growing up Iranian American, she didn’t feel ‘enough’ for either culture. Here’s how her mom helped her find home

By Zamira Rahim, CNN (CNN) — Roya Shariat doesn’t think of her cookbook “Maman and Me” as a Middle Eastern book. She co-wrote it with her mother, Gita Sadeh, and each page unfolds an Iranian-American recipe with gentle, firm affection. Some of the dishes are classically Iranian, such as the tahdigs that helped the pair

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Major Hollywood stars press Academy to include Jews in representation and inclusion standards

By Elizabeth Wagmeister, CNN (CNN) — Some top stars in Hollywood are among those calling for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – the body behind the Academy Awards – to immediately add Jews to the organization’s inclusion and diversity standards and are criticizing the group for the oversight. Actors including Tiffany Haddish,

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