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Gold and platinum records stolen from music executive’s Palm Springs Condo

The rock band Foreigner is just one of many bands managed or signed by former Atlantic Records Executive Vice President Phil Carson.

His success in the world of rock and roll was on full display, until last weekend, on the wall of his Palm Springs condo.

The display included more than 20 platinum records and gold records.

“I was frankly horrified that this had happened. I’ve been living here in Palm Springs on an off for years and never had anything happen like this,” said Carson.

Now the wall is empty, after a burglar broke into the place early Sunday morning and taking almost all the records and an electric guitar.

Carson says everything taken is worth about $12,000 and says all of it, including the records, can be replaced.

But they won’t be the originals.

“Working with the bands of the stature of Led Zeppelin, Yes, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and AC/DC was really a great thrill,” said Carson.

The part-time desert resident believes the heist was done by someone who knew what was inside the condo.

The burglary happened early Sunday morning.

Carson says the burglar used a hammer to break the front door to gain entry.

Carson filed a police report and says he is offering a cash reward for information in the case which leads to an arrest and recovery of the stolen property.

“It was just this awful event, what was stolen was very important to me,” said Carson.

The music executive says they’ve never had a problem with crime in the past, but now plans to install a security system to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Palm Springs Police are investigating but have not yet identified a suspect.

Carson says he simply wants to get the word out about what happened while hoping for a break in the case.


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