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About Dr. Bruno Lemay

Originally from Quebec, Canada, Dr. Lemay obtained his dental doctorate in 1990 from the University of Laval, Quebec Canada. After graduation, Dr. Lemay returned to his hometown of Valdor, Quebec Canada, a small town 5 hours north of Montreal, and opened his own Dental Practice. During his first four years of practice, he obtained a Certificate in Orthodontics.

During his twelve years of practice in Canada, Dr. Lemay opened and managed nine dental practices in the Province of Quebec. He worked and managed the practices with his team of dentists and specialists. This provided him with the experience needed to manage and perform various treatments within dentistry, to include the most difficult and challenging cases. When visiting Dr. Lemay’s office you will receive complete professional treatment for all types of dental needs. From Endodontics, to implants and surgeries, Dr. Lemay will provide you with the most advanced treatment available. Some cases may still need the aid of a specialist, and Dr. Lemay will know when and where to refer you to if necessary.

After his 12 years of practice in Quebec, Dr. Lemay was in search of other challenges and returned to school. He spent some time performing research at the University of Seattle, Washington State. After Seattle, Dr. Lemay moved to San Francisco and worked as a clinician at the University of Pacific in San Francisco while also performing research at the University of California in San Francisco. Finally, Dr. Lemay attended UCLA from 1999 thru 2000, studying in their Masters Program in Oral Biology.

Dr. Lemay moved to the desert area in September 2000 working in several area offices performing endodontic and periodontal procedures. In February 2002, Dr. Lemay started working in Palm Springs. In February of 2003, the practice moved to a brand new facility on Ramon Road in Cathedral City. Dr. Lemay finally acquired the office in 2004 as the sole owner.

Dr. Lemay’s philosophy is to provide patients with all the different treatment alternatives possible with comprehensive explanations so that patients may decide the best option for them….that is why he named his practice Desert Dental Alternatives.

Dr. Lemay’s office offers the latest technology available for patients, to include Mini Dental Implants. Mini Dental Implants are an amazing and wonderful technological advance in dentistry, and he is proud to be the first and most experienced dentist in the valley offering this procedure.

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