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What’s On The Recall List?

The list of recalled pet foods continues to grow.

Now, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Nestle Purina PetCare and Del Monte Pet Products have been added to the list. Almost all of the products being recalled is wet dog and cat food.

They are all recalling several products after the Food and Drug Administration tracked shipments of the contaminated wheat gluten to plants that make their pet food.

But just today, The FDA has begun blocking imports of wheat gluten from a company in China. Officials believe that’s where the tainted ingredient originated.

The FDA also reported last week that it had found the chemical melamine in samples of the gluten.

The order also applies to gluten from the Netherlands, a country through which trans-shipping of Chinese products can occur.

Tainted pet food apparently has resulted in kidney failure in animals across the country. So far, health officials report at least 16 animal deaths related to Menu Foods’ recalled pet food.

The recall first began with pet food linked from manufacturer Menu Foods, Inc. They report that a contaminated ingredient was found in its “cuts and gravy” variety of wet pet food made before March 6th.

Only dry pet food from Hill’s Pet Nutrition has been added to the recall list. Del Monte reports that its line of dog snacks along with its Ol’ Roy “cuts and gravy” dog food has been recalled. Nestle Purina’s Alpo brand of “cuts and gravy” was also put on the list.

Click on the links below for more information from the pet food manufacturers:

The FDA says pet owners should consult a veterinarian if their animals show signs of loss of appetite, fatigue or vomiting.

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