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Part 2: A Partner Fights For His Job

Luis Bolaños was one of the D.A.’s most trusted and accomplished investigators. That was until he was arrested and fired in July of 2005 for domestic violence and perjury charges.

“They proceeded to walk me through the lobby, through my peers to the back door of the jail where I just came through and I said, “Oh,” Bolanos recounts about his arrest.

Defended by experienced attorney Ulrich McNulty, Luis Bolaños was completely cleared and exonerated of the charges by a judge in the preliminary hearing.

Bolaños was innocent but was not hired back.

The D.A.’s office, led by Grover Trask at the time, insisted that Bolanos accept a negative mark on his file. It’s called the Brady Database.

“You can have Brady material from a simple allegation, it does not matter if it’s completely ill-founded,” Bolanos explains.

Multiple people tell NewsChannel 3 that they wrote several letters and statements supporting Bolanos’ defense. They tell us they were ignored by D.A. investigators.

Prosecutors including David Greenberg supported Bolaños in court.

Olga Bates was a friend of Bolaños’ ex-wife who says she tried to tell investigators that the ex-wife admitted lying to her about the charges against Bolaños.

“I was interviewed by two FBI agents and they were amazed that after my letter of complaint to the district attorney about [his ex wife’s] investigation and her behavior, that no one bothered to talk to me from that office.”

D.A.’s office spokesperson Ingrid Wyatt denies the FBI is investigating and declines any comment on the Bolanos matter.

But several documents have described communication between the FBI and Bolaños’ attorney about FBI interviews of Bolaños.

A retired FBI agent tells us that the interviews were in his Palm Springs office and that it has gone to a second higher stage of investigation.

Luis Bolaños was cleared of all charges but still wants his job back.

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