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Part 7: McGowan’s Thoughts Turn Up In Officer’s Appeal

Two years have past after a District Attorney’s investigator killed five members of his family and himself.

And since then, a firestorm of controversy has been raised over what led David McGowan, a seemingly normal person, to cause those deaths.

McGowan’s former partner, Luis Bolaños, believes McGowan was pressured by his superiors over an investigation involving four former Desert Hot Springs police officers.

It turns out that the case was to be McGowan’s last.

Now, one of those officers is trying to get his job back.

He’s appealing a recent court decision hoping to use the testimony and personal thoughts of McGowan from his last case.

In that case, McGowan reportedly believed the four DHS officers were innocent of filing false reports, despite pressure to change his report from McGowan’s chief Clay Hodson.

McGowan’s written report ended up supporting the firing of the DHS officers.

But courtroom testimony obtained by NewsChannel 3 indicates that McGowan’s written report had holes in its findings.

The officer’s attorney asks about crucial evidence – saying:

“Do you think that was important information for his department to know the first time he saw this accident collision report was when you showed it to him? Do you think that might have been important?”

McGowan says, “I do believe it’s important.”

Attorney: “Why didn’t you tell them?”

McGowan: “Tell who?”

Attorney: “The department. It’s not in any of your reports.”

McGowan: “Reports or…”

Attorney: “No. Nowhere.”

McGowan: “I don’t know.”

Attorney: “Wouldn’t you agree it’s important?”

McGowan: “I do agree. It is important.”

“There were a plethora of questions dealing with that line of questions dealing with why he didn’t consider the exculpatory line of evidence, physical evidence or statements or anything else?” says Bob Krause, attorney for one of the former officers.

Was McGowan’s testimony troubled because he was forced to change his findings?

The district attorney’s office says they don’t comment on these cases.

The DA Chief who allegedly ordered McGowan to change his report left his position just as NewsChannel 3 began to air its investigation

Officially, the only written clues that David McGowan left behind were lyrics from a song that said, “woe is me, I’m looking forward to seeing you in the next life.”

Sources close to the original murder case tell NewsChannel 3 the new evidence has already been presented to the FBI.

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