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Part 13: Former DHS Chief: ‘No Deal Was Made’

Desert Hot Springs Detective Radames Gil said in testimony we’ve uncovered that he set up a video camera sting at a Desert Hot Springs hotel in 2003.

A 14-year-old girl told Gil that Officer Jacques Million wanted to have sex with her.

Now, former Police Chief Roy Hill is going on record with what he saw on the videotape.

“I remember him taking the girl by hand, standing her up, he put his hand around her waist and kissed her,” says Hill.

Roy Hill signed a letter that allowed Million to resign.

NewsChannel 3 posed the question whether it was right for Hill to have a management position at the Palm Springs Unified School District after making an agreement with an officer he saw on tape molest a girl in this hotel.

“I want the parents to know that this case in DHS has nothing to do with Palm Springs Unified School District,” Hill says. “Those children are safe and it’s not only the security officers. It’s the administrators. It’s the teachers that care about those kids so much every day.”

NewsChannel 3: Would you consider the resignation letter Million signed as a deal of any sort?

Roy Hill: If you want to say that he got what he wanted by being able to resign instead of going through the termination process, I don’t consider it a deal. It went the direction he wanted, but it also went the direction that I wanted by him being gone. The city would not have to pay him an administrative leave for possibly 6 months. It meant we didn’t have to get attorneys. It saved the city a lot of money. We were able to move forward with him off the department and he also didn’t have to go through the termination process. I’d rather say it was a win-win instead of a deal.

NC3: But if it’s a win-win, or any sort of deal, maybe in his mind, you see that in effect you made it with somebody you saw yourself on tape molest a 14-year-old girl.

RH: Again, I have to separate the two, the criminal justice system is there to prosecute him for the crime.

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