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What To Do Before, During, And After A Fire

Clearing brush and creating a defensible space is a big part of preparing for a wildfire.

But protecting property and lives involves a whole lot more.

There’s plenty that needs to be done around the home before a fire sparks up.

First, preparing outside and inside your home:

Keep the roof clear of pine needles or leaves. Make sure trees are away from the roof. For smoke detectors inside the house, firefighters suggest changing those batteries every six months. Some residents we spoke to say they have fire extinguishers in every room of their home. Store important papers (passports, birth certificates, etc.) in a fire-safe container. If a fire threatens your home, make sure your street name and address is clearly posted. That way, firefighters get to your location as quick as possible.

What to do during the fire:

Make sure to rearrange things inside your home. Turn off any air conditioning or ventilation system which could bring smoke in. Turn on the lights to help with visibility in case there is smoke. Prop up any ladders against the house to help firefighters get to the roof.

Evacuation orders could be given at the time of the fire. When you’re given the clearance to come back, check the outside of your home.

Make sure there’s nothing smoldering. Get a hose put out any small fire check vents, attic and windows.

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