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Deputies Arrest Main Soboba Robbery Suspect

The search for the suspect that robbed the nearby Soboba Casino in San Jacinto is over.

The Riverside County Sheriff says they arrested the main suspect, 25-year-old Rolando Ramos, at a hotel near the Los Angeles International Airport.

Ramos was a surveillance technician at the casino.

Police say Rolando Ramos planned the entire heist from start to finish.

And while he did finally get caught during the two days he was on the loose, they say he really lived it up.

Ramos reportedly came to work at the casino on the graveyard shift to fix surveillance equipment dressed, as always, in his uniform.

But at around 4 AM, authorities say, he suddenly pepper sprayed a male co-worker in the surveillance room and threatened two others, a man and a woman.

He then tied their arms and legs with duct tape, taped their mouths, and disabled some cameras.

Ramos reportedly walked out the front door with $1.5 million in a duffel bag and jumped into his own Ford Mustang, driven by a friend, Eric Aguilera.

The two quickly got out of town. Aguilera was caught the next day at a relative’s home in Hemet.

And early Saturday morning, cops caught up with Ramos at a Gardena hotel fairly close to LAX.

They say he’d applied for an emergency passport, and may have been planning to head to the Philippines where he has family.

Most of the money has been recovered. But about $150,000 is missing.

Authorities say Ramos spent at least some of it on cocaine and prostitutes.

KESQ News Team


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