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Auto Workers Walk Off Job At Chrysler Plants

Chrysler autoworkers strike some plants as UAW deadline passes

(AP) – Thousands of Chrysler workers are on strike after negotiators for the automaker and the United Auto Workers failed to reach a contract agreement by Wednesday’s deadline.

Chrysler has 24 manufacturing facilities in the U.S., including10 assembly plants. But according to one person familiar with the walkout, not all of those plants are affected by the strike. The UAW is apparently staying on the job at five plants that the automaker had shut down earlier this week, because of sagging sales.

Chrysler has been seeking health care concessions similiar to those the union has granted to GM and Ford. Also at issue is how much Chrysler will pay into a UAW-run trust that would take on retiree health care costs.

At least one worker says he thinks the strike is justified.

Brett Ward, a forklift driver at an suburband Detroit assembly plan, says he hopes the union can get a better deal than the one it reached with GM.

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