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City Of Desert Hot Springs – Mayor

Mayoral candidates in the financially strapped city of Desert Hot Springs mounted a last-ditch effort the day before the elections to stump for votes.

Three candidates are challenging Mayor Alex Bias, including Adam Sanchez, Robert Bentley and Councilwoman Yvonne Parks.

Bentley, a 39-year-old law student, said his primary goals if elected will be to lower taxes and improve public safety.

Sanchez, 49, a member of the city’s Planning Commission, said he wants to restore the city’s financial strength while supporting growth and improving public safety.

Parks, who said she would be out in neighborhoods knocking on doors and passing out her cell phone number to any voter who wanted to talk about issues, wants to clean up graffiti and improve the city’s unsafe image. She also said she hopes to create a sense of community, responsibility and pride in Desert Hot Springs.

“I want to talk one on one with the voters about who they should vote for and why.”

The 58-year-old Bias, who was elected in November 2005, said he has kept his promise to end corruption in Desert Hot Springs and plans to continue that effort. He said he wants the city to become a leader in alternative energy or “green” technologies and wants to continue to promote Desert Hot Springs’ reputation as a premier health and wellness destination.

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