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Part 32: Chilling E-Mail Details ‘Dangerous’ Triple Murder Case

The Riverside County Sheriff’s department is looking into possible connections between a triple murder in 1981 and murder-suicide in 2005 that claimed six lives.

A chilling email written by a detective shows just how dangerous this case is.

When this detective writes he “can’t look his wife in the eyes” and risk his family’s lives, you know it’s a big case.

Nicauraguan arms deals, stolen computer databases, weapons testing on local Cabazon Indian land and a lawsuit alleging conspiracy from the highest federal officials for the past 30 years: all of these are now being investigated by the Riverside County Cold Case Division.

Three people were murdered execution style in a Rancho Mirage home on July 1st, 1981. There were never any arrests. The victims included Cabazon Indian Vice Chairman Fred Alvarez. Family members say he was going to blow the whistle on a business partnership between defense contractor Wackenhut Services and the Cabazon Indians to build machine guns and biological weapons for Central American countries.

Confidential sources close to the investigation recently handed over an email written by a riverside county sheriff’s detective. The email’s source was confirmed by multiple people inside the investigation. The detective who wrote the email hasn’t responded to additional requests for information. We’re not revealing his name to protect his identity.

The email states the Cold Case Division reopened the Alvarez triple murder several months ago.

Bad things seem to happen to those who get too close to uncovering Cabazon Arms and its dealings with the Federal Government.

There were three Rancho Mirage murders in 1981, and a Riverside County District Attorney Investigator left the office in the early 80’s after threats on his life.

Journalist Danny Casolero investigated what he called “The Octopus” and was found dead in his hotel room in 1991. His reporter notes disappeared. The book on the conspiracy he was to name “Indio” was never finished.

The detective is also investigating whether DA Investigator David McGowan and his family of five were murdered in 2005 after McGowan looked into the case.

The detective writes he “doesn’t want to continue on the case based on the number of people who have met an untimely demise while doing so.”

But the detective is continuing the case. Newschannel 3 learned former computer programmer Michael Riconisciuto was recently questioned.

Documents show a secret government computer spy program named “PROMIS” was modified on tribal land in Indio. PROMIS is linked to a major spy scandal that has stretched for years.

With all of these national security implications, the detective states he “feels like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole” and he “no longer has a complete grasp on the real world.”

The stakes are high, the secrets are growing, and the suspicious deaths remain unanswered. Even the detective desperately asks, “am i just another lamb to the slaughter?”

You can read the detective’s entire email by clicking hereor check out the other sections of our year long investigation by clicking here.

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