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Storage Facility Robbed: Over $100,00 Worth Of Motion Picture Equipment Taken

Rriverside County Sheriff’s are looking for suspects who stole over $100,000 worth of motion picture equipment.

It happened sometime between the September 18th – 25th at the Public Storage facility in Palm Desert.

Now the victim wants others to be careful what they put in their lockers.

Paul Raimondi was shocked to find his storage locker empty.

Cameras, Tripods and Microphones all taken from a storage facility he trusted.

“Frankly I was shocked because I thought it was about the most secure place I could put stuff,” says Raimondi.

The storage facility certainly seemed safe.

It’s tucked next to a mountain, not a lot of neighbors looking on.

It also has several security cameras running 24 hours a day.

You also need a security code to get inside the storage facility and to use it’s elevator.

Thieves smashed the lock to get inside the locker.

Raimondi suspects foul play.

He says Public Storage told him the security cameras were not working during the time of the theft.

And he also wonders who else could have the proper security codes.

“They went right to mine and didn’t break into anyone elses,” says Raimondi. “So it’s almost as if they knew what was in there.”

Palm Desert deputies tell Raimondi they’re not likely to recover his equipment.

Now he wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to others.

He suggests keeping valuables inside a home and using insurance the storage facility offers.

“Buy the insurance for $5,000 and don’t put anything in there over $5,000,” says Raimondi.

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