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Overweight Children Suffer In Health And Grades

Poor diet and lack of exercise weigh down on young children and their grades. Good grades rely on good health, but in today’s fast paced world, children are slowing down, sitting in a virtual universe.

Computers, video games, TVs, and cell phones are surrounding the lives of today’s youth. Technology is grappling at their attention and they’re spending several hours a day sitting in front of screens.

We talked witheight 4th graders, and every one has at least one video game unit. Most are fueling their bodies with unhealthy foods.

Experts say food high in fat and sugar deprive the mind, making it difficult to concentrate and retain information.

“Children who are overweight are often missing good nutrition,” says Barbara Pedalino, Doctor of Psychology.

Overweight children get sick more often than other children and miss more school.

They also face bullying, which lowers confidence and leads them to food for comfort. This makes the problem more unhealthy.

“It can snowball,” says Pedalino.

Experts say getting children on the right track is a task for the whole family.

“It’s hard for children to say they want to do what is best for them, so that’s when parents come in,” says Pedalino.

Daily activity and smart food choices can lead to a healthy lifestyle and education.

Here are some websites that offer tips on how to give your child the healthiest future possible.

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