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Valley Residents On The Budget: ‘What’s The Hold Up?’

So this is what we have after a four-month stalemate in putting a state budget together: lawmakers, including local Assemblyman Brian Nestande pitched back in his chair, snoozing during a 28-hour legislative session over the weekend.

As the clock ticks with the state facing a $42 billion deficit, people we spoke to Monday were appalled at the inefficiency going on in sacramento.

“It’s so typical of the California Legislature,” said one Valley resident. “It’s gone on for years and,I hate to say it, butI don’t know if it’s going to change anytime soon.”

Another resident reacting to the enpasse in Sacramento is surprised the lack of action is happening in the Golden State.

“This is an efficiently run place with bright people and, obviously, it’s not getting done. I am not very happy with them and that’s my party in control too.”

That would be the Democratic Party. One more Republican vote is needed in the Senate to see the budget plan come to fruition. The hang-up is over more than $14 billion in temporary tax increases.

“The Republicans just need to step back and let some of this stuff go to work,” said that same person. “Otherwise, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel until everybody gets on the same page and starts to let stuff happen.”

“I think in the two-party system, they look out for each other,” said another Valley resident. “There are Republicans and Democrats and what choice do we have?”

One woman had a simple idea.She’s all for cleaning house in the State Capital.

“I am really disappointed in our Governor and all the people up there. We’re all paying for it. I think we get all of them out and start all fresh.”

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