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Spring Breakers Warned Of Increasing Border Violence

They go for the beach, bars, and the “anything goes” attitude.

With stories of underage drinking as well as experimentation with sex and drugs, Mexico seems like an already unsafe situation for Spring Breakers.

But that appears to be only the beginning of the potential danger.

More than 6,000 people were killed in 2008 as Mexican drug cartels waged a bloody battle amongst themselves and against the government.

That prompted the State Department to issue a travel advisory with officials saying the greatest increase in violence is happening near the US border.

Students at College of the Desert say Mexico is the place to go for Spring Break. But there are some mixed feelings about just how safe it is to take the trip across the border.

“It gets pretty crazy,” said student Nicole Wiltse, who knows some people who are going. “[People are] getting drunk and doing things you wouldn’t normally do.”

Wiltse is among some of the student body heeding the warning.

“A lot of students are listening and going to Vegas instead,” said Wiltse. “But there are the careless ones not listening too.”

Most of the 20 million Americans who visited Mexico last year returned safely, but Mexican authorities say this may just be the beginning of escalating violence.

“We might see some increases still in time,” Mexican Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora predicted.

Still, some students say they’re not worried.

“Just don’t mess with anyone and they won’t mess with you,” said Mexico-bound student Gustavo Castro.

But that alone is not enough.

“You just need to up it a notch, not be oblivious, and watch what is going on around you,” says FBI agent Keith Slotter.

This could be difficult considering the amount of alcohol going in to Spring Breakers.

“You don’t know anyone there but your friends. And if your friend is drunk and you are drunk, how safe are you?” asked Slotter.

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