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Reviving Spring Break In Palm Springs

PALM SPRINGS – The spring break season is underway, over the next four weeks college students across the nation will pack their bags and head to their spring break destination. Years ago, the valley was a prime spot for young spring breakers, but the scene has changed. Now local businesses are trying to revive the Palm Springs of the past.

Posters, websites, even text message ads- Palm Springs is trying to catch the eyes of young spring breakers.

” Spring break is happening again in Palm Springs,” says Ginger Kretz, Bartender at “NYPD” in Palm Springs.

Downtown Palm Springs was once the place to be for spring break.

” When I was young we came here for spring break and stuff and party, party, party,” says Edith Rodriguez, Owner of ” Shakey’s Bar and Grill.” ” This is the place to be, bring it back.”

A crackdown in the 80’s meant to tame wild behavior ended up driving spring breakers south of the border, where anything goes.

Due to increasing drug violence the State Department is warning college students to stay away from parts of Mexico.

Local businesses hope these students make a u-turn and head back to the valley, one of the original spring break hot spots.

” They should come here instead of Mexico,” says Rodriguez. ” It’s much safer here.”

Earlier this month the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism sent out thousands of text message to young adults in Southern California, encouraging them to make the valley their spring break destination.

” We haven’t had a real spring break since it got taken away in the 80’s,” says Kretz.

Some, are seeing flashbacks of those days. The spring break season is just beginning, but these catchy ads are working.

” Friday night we had them in the back patio and out here and all down the street, there were college kids everywhere,” says Rodriguez.

Business owner say one booming night could be all it takes to put Palm Springs back on the map as a spring break hot spot.

” The first bunch will come and have a good time and they’ll tell their friends,” says Rodriguez. ” Palm Springs will be the place it used to be.”

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