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Valley Comes Together To Stop Child Abuse

These tough times are taking a toll on families and children. The terrible economic stress on parents could cause them to lash out at their own children.

At the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center at Eisenhower Medical, people wear blue ribbons to represent the black and blue bruises millions of children wear on their bodies.

“Children are helpless victims. If people don’t speak up for them, then there is no one to speak for them,” says Barbara Sinatra, founder of the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center.

About 60 people came together at the Children’s Center to help save innocent children from child abuse.

“We really need everyone to help and put a stop to child abuse,” says Sinatra.

The weak economy increases the stress in families and increases abuse.

“I think we have more babies and children here than ever before,” says Sinatra.

Every year, the Barbara Sinatra Center provides about 700 children with counseling and support. One way they help children is art therapy.

“It’s a soft, non-intrusive way to get a child to be able to talk about what happened without being threatened,” says Rosemary Marta, Clinical Director at Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center.

Therapists use art and pictures to monitor the children’s progress. Often when they enter therapy the pictures are sad, showing tears and darkness. As the children move forward with treatment, the frowns turn around.

“We believe a picture is worth a thousand words,” says Marta.

Through awareness and support, the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center hopes to continue healing bruises and pain and help more victims find happiness.

For more information on the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center or to find out how you can donate, go to

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