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No Plans Made To Recover La Quinta Woman’s Body In Landfill

BEAUMONT – Detectives say Terri Brom’s body is at a landfill near Beaumont, and that it’s “unrecoverable.” Her son admitted to murdering her last Thanksgiving. As of now, there are no plans to give her a proper burial.

Even though in other murder cases, in other states, bodies have been found in landfills, even months after they’ve been dumped there.

Lamb Canyon landfill south of Beaumont is where much of our trash ends up. Kevin Brom pleaded guilty to murdering his mother Terri and putting her body in a Burrtec garbage bin.

She was last seen alive in her La Quinta home. But instead of getting a proper burial, this landfill may be Brom’s final resting place. Detectives say her body cannot be recovered so long after her Thanksgiving murder.

But that’s not the case in Grand Junction, Colorado. The body of Jennifer Blagg was found and removed from a landfill seven months after her murder. So why is Brom considered “unrecoverable?”

Not only would county officials refuse to talk about the body buried here, they told their engineers not to talk to us about how garbage dumped here on specific days is tracked.

Engineering Manager Fouad Mina told us off camera each garbage truck that drops off a load here is weighed and tracked. But when asked how landfill workers could track and dig up any object deemed hazardous, toxic, or part of a criminal investigation, Mina would not answer the question. And even the District Attorney’s office says it won’t comment on our investigation of Brom’s remains at all.

Over 2,300 tons of garbage a day and600,000 tons a year come to this place. It would be difficult to find anything here. But, in Mrs. Brom’s case, apparently, nobody is going to try.

An additional statement Friday afternoon from Riverside County District Attorney spokesperson commented on convicted murderer Kevin Brom:

“He brutally and senselessly murdered his own mother, and continues to lie and disrespect her memory. It is our sincere hope that those who cared about Terri will be able to find closure and that her memory will be preserved in a positive light, just as it should be. “

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