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Tough Times Put Damper On Prom Plans

The party is far from over. But the tough times have put a bump in the dance floor for what many students is a tradition, prom. Tickets are just part of the cost of going which can cost more than $100. There’s also dresses, flowers and sometimes a limo.

“What we’re seeing is they’re waiting longer to make the booking and the bookings aren’t as active right now,” says Gary Cardiff with Cardiff Limo and Transportation. He says the economy is putting a damper on prom night. But there are alternatives if you can’t afford a limo.

“The other way to do it is, you have two couples, you can always put them in a sedan. It’s a lot less money, but the parents don’t have to drive, the kids have a little freedom and they’re being chauffered around and essentially safely,” Cardiff says.

The economy has also prompted one local high school to start a fundraiser. The Palm Desert high school Band Boosters is holding a “Prom Dress Fundraiser” to help curb prom night costs for those that may be struggling financially. Dresses are either donated or consigned and then sold to high school students. Proceeds go to the high school band.

“Students in the area could find an opportunity to sell prom dresses they don’t wear anymore and that students who are looking for a dress would have a dress they could find for a good price.”

Juana Cardenas with Floral& Hearty says she’ll get around 40 to 50 orders for corsages and boutonnieres every year. She hasn’t received any orders yet, but remains optimistic.

“It’s a dance that they have. Not that they have to go to but that they always go to. So I don’t think they’re going to…I think they’re going to still order, regardless of how the economy is,” says Cardenas.

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