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Valley Residents Take Extra Precautions To Ward Off Swine Flu

PALM DESERT- Here in the desert most people are taking the swine flu warnings very seriously. people are taking extra precautions to prevent getting sick, some are rushing to stores buying cleaning supplies and hygiene products.

“I’m washing my hands often. They’re dry, very dry,” says shopper Lora Murrell.

Old, forgotten lessons are coming back into play. A simple task we all learn as a child, is one key to warding off the swine flu.

“I’m taking normal precautions, washing hands,” says shopper Mark Czarra.

When a sink isn’t nearby, many turn to anti-bacterial gels and wipes. They are staying on guard at all times.

“We use Purell after we touch anything,” says shopper Teresa White. “We use the Clorox wipes on shopping carts.”

As more people turn to hand wipes and anti-bacterial gels to protect themselves, stores here in the valley and around the nation are selling out. The cleansing products are flying off the shelves. The Clorox wipes at the front of grocery stores, used to wipe off carts, are running low.

“We bought two packs of wipes to stay safe,” says White.

Others say they aren’t concerned about the swine flu or any other illnesses.

“It’s way over blown, people die of the regular flu every year,” says Pete Bohn.

“We had the flu, the bird flu, mad cow disease. I’m not going to get excited about this stuff,” says Spike Dunton.

Despite the recent outbreak, most are going about their daily routines as usual. Some are not taking any extra precautions.

“No masks or craziness about flying,” says Mark Czarra.

“We are both waiting to get a deal on a ticket to Mexico. No one is going there, so it will be cheap,” says Bohn.

Whether or not people are taking extra precautions, all do agree that the lessons learned through this spreading virus will last long after it clears.

“It’s too bad it takes this to remind people that germs are everywhere and they should keep their hands clean all the time,” says White.

KESQ News Team


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