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Desert Valedictorians Reflect On The Past 4 Years

It’s high school graduation time and seniors are beginning the next chapter in their lives. But first, they are looking back at the last four years, which shaped who they are.

“I focused on academics and community service the past four years,” says Hayden Rodarte, Palm Desert High School co-valedictorian.

KESQ sat down with the Coachella Valley’s high school valedictorians, class of 2009. They all have different memories, accomplishments, and goals.

“I had a hectic four years, but I’m happyI filled it up, because it attributes to me becoming a better person,” says Jay Thetford, Cathedral City High School valedictorian.

“My freshman year, I was in all spanish classes,” says Jorge Andrade, Indio High School valedictorian. “I never thought I would be the valedictorian.”

High school is full of excitement, opportunities, and hard work, and balancing everything can be difficult. Our valedictorians have the key to success.

“It’s about being personally driven,” says Sarah Sullivan, Palm Desert High School valedictorian.

“Many times I was overwhelmed and had two projects and two finals due one day. Then I would have a rally the next day and a football game the next day. It’s all about time management,” says Tyler McLean, Palm Springs High School valedictorian.

Despite the discipline and jam-packed schedule, high school is full of unforgettable moments

“It was a life-changing experience,” says Tisa Barrios Wilson, La Quinta High School valedictorian.

Some of the best memories played out on the field and on the stage.

“It was so much fun dancing and singing on stage,” says Barrios Wilson.

“I broke through the defense and scored a goal. We won the game and eliminated the champions,” Christopher Garcia, Westshores High School valedictorian.

As all high school students know, there are also those moments you wish never happened.

“Once you put on a skirt and dance in front of the whole school, there is nothing more embarrassing,” says McLean.

One of our valedictorians shared a funny moment that really paid off. She discovered passing a test doesn’t always mean studying.

“My whole class started screaming when our teacher said he was going to give us a test. We kept screaming until he agreed not to give us the test,” says Sullivan. “That’s a funny moment I will always remember.

Screaming your way out of a test won’t always work. So the straight-A students gave some real advice for incoming freshman.

“Have fun in high school but know the direction you want to go in,” says Amanda Garcia, Coachella Valley High School valedictorian.

The lessons the students learned, whether in class, on the field, or in the community, will now launch them into a new world full of more opportunities to learn, strive, and shine.

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