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Staycation Here In The Valley

By: Elyse Miller News Channel 3 Reporter

PALM SPRINGS – The weak economy is putting the brakes on family vacations this summer. People are cancelling their tropical getaways and staying close to home.

“No road trips,” says Bernie Sloan. ” I’m cutting back.”

This year families are skipping long distance trips and saving money.

“We cancelled vacations because if the cost and the economy,” says Greg Codde.

From gas, plane tickets and hotel; vacations can cost hundreds or even thousands, but they don’t have to.

“Being in California, we have a lot of choices close to home,” says Codde.

Gas prices continue to rise. Instead of taking along road trip and filling up several times along the way, families are staying close to home. They’re swapping their vacation for a staycation.

“I’m doing that right now,” says Sloan.

A staycation is an affordable, close to home getaway. It’s a concept that’s growing in popularity.

Bernie Sloan is an hour and a half from home, taking a mini-staycation in the valley.

“We are here to play golf and relax,” says Sloan.

As more visitors land here, the vacation home rental business is booming. Families are joining together to rent large homes, and they’re splitting the cost.

“People rent homes like a private hotel,” says Rob Kincaid, Vacation Palm

A short drive from home, can make you feel like you’re a world away.

“It has a beautiful, tropical setting even though we are in the middle of the desert,” says Kincaid.

With a staycation you can sit by the pool, surrounded by palm trees and soak up the sun, without burning your budget.

“If I go to San Francisco or Las Vegas it costs a lot, but when I come here it’s just as fun and it doesn’t cost as much,” says Sloan.

KESQ News Team


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