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Keep Your Car Cool In The Heat

CATHEDRAL CITY – The summer heat can be dangerous. If we don’t protect ourselves we get dehydrated, burnt and fatigued. The same goes for our cars.

“If you want your car to be in good shape every time you drive it, you have to do preventative maintenance,” says Bob Doremus, Owner of Valley Smog and Auto Repair.

With the sun, hot road and engine heat, vehicle have to work overtime.

“In the summer time we get a lot more overheating, cooling system problems and AC repairs,” says Doremus.

All along I-10 there’s proof of what the heat can do to a car. On any summer day you can spot several cars broken down on the roadside. You’ll also see scattered tire debris. In this hot weather, tire pressure expands and it leads to blow outs.

“The consequences of not having your car looked at in these temps can catch you by surprise,” says Doremus.

To keep your car running through the heat, follow these tips:

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