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Driver Who Reported Carjacking Arrested

Police arrested the driver of a reported carjacking in Desert Hot Springs today for intent to purchase illegal drugs.

Desert Hot Springs police arrested Katherine Mildred Reinhard of Salton City, and booked her in the Riverside County Jail in Banning.

Police said Reinhard was the driver of a Ford Focus, which allegedly carried the suspects involved in the reported carjacking on Wednesday. The incident began with all of them driving around the city looking to buy methamphetamine.

Investigators said the ride evolved into a carjacking.

Police arrested 18-year-old David Michael Black of Salton City and 21-year-old William Frank Farmer of Desert Hot Springs on Wednesday afternoon, just moments after the carjacking was reported.

A third female was released, and will not face charges.

The rifle reportedly involved in the crime has not yet been recovered. Police said it was brandished by one of the suspects when Reinhard confronted them in the area of West Drive and 6th St. right before the officers arrived on scene.

KESQ News Team


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