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Egg Recall Puts Desert Restaurants On High Alert

An Iowa egg producer is recalling 380 million eggs that have been linked to salmonella poisoning. That works out to 32 million dozen egg cartons.

Desert restaurants are aware of the massive recall. But most say they are unaffected by it.

Denny’s, IHOP and Goody’s in Palm Desert have not had to take eggs off their menus.

The Crab Pot in Rancho Mirage primarily sells seafood. But eggs are used to make batter and sauces.

However, the restaurant purchases its eggs from a local vendor.

The manager said the vendor only distributes California grown eggs.

The recall is the result of tainted eggs grown and distributed from a company in Iowa, called Wright County Egg.

Ralph’s Grocery Store shoppers were shocked to hear that the store’s brand was among the list of recalled eggs.

Still, grocery stores and restaurants are reassuring customers that the desert doesn’t have to worry about this issue.

Cooking the eggs thoroughly will kill the dangerous bacteria. But health officials recommend returning or throwing recalled eggs away.

For a list of brands recently recalled, click here.

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