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Desert Hot Springs Mulling Fire Services

Desert Hot Springs is thinking about the future of their fire services. They want to save money but that might take hiring some help.

The city’s current contract with Cal Fire ends next summer.

While leaders are pleased with the service and don’t want to make any immediate changes, they want to look for ways to save money and maintain service.

That’s why the city wants to hire a consultant.

“Our goal was to really put together a study that would show, ‘How do you pay for fire services?’ ‘Are you getting the adequate fire services?'” said Mayor Pro Tem Scott Matas.

According to Matas, the city will look at money-saving options including creating its own fire department, contracting with the palm springs or cathedral city fire departments, combining all three or extending the contract with cal fire.

“So you just don’t go out there and say, ‘We’re gonna get rid of our Fire Department today.’ You go out and do studies and see how it’s feasibly gonna pan out and then they have to look at that themselves,” said Matas.

Matas said the city is growing and they could use at least 2 more fire stations, one in the east part of town and one near the newly annexed land near the I-10. But he also said the problem is finding money for staffing.

City leaders hope new businesses will move to Desert Hot Springs and help pay for those fire stations.

Some residents said they’re pleased with current level of service.

“They’re on the move it seems like almost 24-7. The only time I don’t hear them sometimes is when I’m sleeping,” said John Parry.

“Everytime I have an emergency with my son they’re there like when I dial 911 they come in,” said Teresa Beltran.

But they said there is always room for improvement.

And, with the city spending roughly 25 thousand dollars on a consultant, they said may take money to save money.

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