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Teen Admits To Helping Douse Body With Gasoline, Hide Murder

A Riverside County judge sentenced a Hemet teenager to six months in jail on Thursday for hiding evidence in the brutal killing of a local teenager.

Andres Ruiz, 18, admitted helping murder suspect Jose Campos dispose of 17-year-old Adrian Rios’ body.

On Nov. 15, Ruiz claimed the victim got into an argument with Campos’ girlfriend Felicia Sharp while they were watching a football game at Campos’ home in Hemet. He said Campos shot Rios defending his girlfriend.

Police claimed Campos burned Rios’ body in a backyard bonfire and dismembered it with Sharp’s help.

Ruiz admitted to helping find gasoline to douse the body with and light it on fire.

Police claimed Campos and Sharp then fled the country to escape prosecution, but police captured them in March and brought them back to Hemet to face charges.

Ruiz pleaded guilty to being an accessory to murder prompting Thursday’s six-month sentence.

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