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Campers Warned About Fire Dangers During Holiday

Campgrounds are expected to be packed for the last holiday of the summer.

Thousands of people will fill up campgrounds around the San Bernardino National Forest.

While campers get tents ready and break out the fishing poles — the U.S. Forest Service firefighters will be busy trying to keep everyone safe.

“The main focus is fire prevention this week,” said Captain Fred Pena.

He says fire conditions in the forest are extremely high.

“The winds are picking up a little this time of year. The fuel moisture in the area is very dry,” said Pena.

“We saw fire trucks on the road already. So that’s a good sign,” said Indio resident Linda Lara.

Lara and her husband, David, are spending the weekend camping at Lake Hemet. They say campers there tend to watch out for the safety of others.

“It becomes a little community. Everybody works together, watches over each other. It’s good,” said Lara.

The U.S. Forest Service will step-up patrols, looking for traffic accidents and drunk drivers.

Also, they will be cracking down on illegal campfires and illegal shooting.

“Extra hours, more staffing and we’re keeping a lot more eyes out than normal,” said Pena.

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